ready to get your happy on, like yesterday?

help yourself to a personhood you actionable step at a time

Does your aura need a reboot?

 In one of my favorite energy mapping exercises, you'll learn to differentiate between "fueling" tasks and "draining" tasks so that you can glow from one activity to the next without the emotional boomerang.

Is your reset button doing the trick?

Life doesn't always flow as easily as we'd like. That's why having a list of mindful resets on hand is an absolute must! In this  5 day video training, I'll teach you how to master the art of mindful resetting 5 different ways !

Need your daily dose of woo-woo?

Visit the blog for continued support as you undergo your personal journey toward self-understanding & intuitive living. I'll be dishing on everything from how to live a more present life to the art of self love.

Welcome to The Amber Orange!

Hi, I'm Amina and I'm so glad you're here! Are you tired of attempting to vision board and visualize your way to happiness? Alright, put down the scissors and step away from the washi tape! I've got something just for you.

Around these parts, it's all about staying present and feeling damn incredible doing it. When we abandon our fixation on that painful gap between where we are & where we want to be and embrace the abundant opportunity in each present moment, everything else falls beautifully into place.

This site is filled with actionable how-to's and guides to help you do just that. If you're not so keen on taking self-help advice from a stranger (totally valid) click below to learn more about my personal journey to mindful living.